Configuring BSNL DataOne Broadband for UTStarcom WA3002G4(Type IV) modem.

The Type IV modem of Dataone consists of 4 LAN ports and and a Wi-Fi router. This guide will help you to configure the modem for using DataOne Broadband in PPPoE mode, so that you dont have to wait for the lazy BSNL fellows. The guide uses Windows XP as the OS and IE (v8 RC1) as browser.

Configuring in PPPoE Mode(Always On):
This is the mode set by BSNL fellows. If u configure BSNL modem in this mode, you can access Broadband in always on mode, i.e you can just on modem and start using internet.
1.After connecting the modem to the computer using the LAN cable, power on the modem and open Network Connections from Control Panel.

2.Right click on the icon named Local Area Connection, select properties. Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click on properties.

3.In the Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) Properties dialog box enter the following values, after you make sure that you have selected the radio buttons, Use the following IP address and Use the following DNS server addresses.
IP Address : 192.168.1.x(where x =2 to 255)
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

4. Now click OK twice to close both the dialog boxes.

5. Now open your browser(preferably IE since all the BSNL sites are designed to suite IE).
Type in the address bar. You will be navigated to the screen below:

Enter username and password both as admin.

6.Navigate to Advanced Setup->WAN by selecting from the left margin.
Your screen should be like this.

7. Click Edit on the service pppoe-0_35_1.
If you dont have the above service in the above list, click on Add below.

8. Next you will be getting a series of windows, described below(irrespective of whether you click add or edit). Click on next after each step to reach the next one.

i) ATM PVC Configuration.
Enter the following values: VPI = 0, VCI=35 and uncheck Enable VLAN Tagging also the Service Category: UBR Without PCR.

ii)Connection Type
Select PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE), and Encapsulation Mode as LLC/SNAP- BRIDGING.

iii) PPP Username and Password
Enter the following details:
PPP Username: username provided by BSNL.
PPP Password: password provided by BSNL
PPPoE Service Name: DataOne
Authentication Mode: Auto

Uncheck all the check boxes except the last one(Bridge PPPoE Frames between WAN and Local Ports).

iv) Network Address Translation Settings
Uncheck Enable NAT, Enable Firewall, Enable IGMP Multicast, and check Enable WAN Service.
Service Name: pppoe_0_35_1

v) WAN Setup - Summary
You will finally get the following page:

Click on Save.

9. You will return to the WAN Setup page.

Click on Save/Reebot and wait till the modem reboots and displays the Device Info->Summary page.

10. Restart the browser and start browsing the net.

Please pour in your queries as comments.


Anonymous said...

I tried following the steps provided by you but I am in an utter fix. I have ITI modem but nonetheless when I try to configure it the way you wrote I have both NAT and FIREWALL enabled. I am not able to disable those at all. Any help will be appreciated.

Manoj Bhat said...

Sorry for the late reply!!

It doesn't make a lot of difference if Ur NAT and Firewall is enabled or disabled. The reason I have asked to disable both Firewall and NAT is for better speed. So leave it as it is, maybe Ur modem has it by default.

I didn't get the real problem you face.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

My parents are thinking of applying for one-might need your help later if you're in Saligrama...

Anonymous said...

Nice post. but i have one problem . i have 1 dektop and 1 laptop. i need to enable NAT. But when i enable NAT i am facing problems with utorrent port forwarding. I an unable to forward port. So please can help me on this.

Manoj Bhat said...

You can go to the NAT option in your DSL Router Page. Add as your DMZ host. This should solve your problem.

Anonymous said...

dude.. am a complete dud.. have a data one connection.. my phone and laptopn detetcs wifi ie. UTstarcomm
but does not show internet connectivity.. any soultions??

Manoj Bhat said...

I have created a new post on how to configure wireless. Please read it and try the methods mentioned there.

Regarding wireless connectivity through your phone, I dont think I can help you much, as I have not used Wi-Fi through a phone.

Natraj said...

When I dial, it gives error 676 saying phon eline is busy. What is this error.

Does not connect directly without dial-in

Manoj Bhat said...

@ Natraj,
I dont seem to get any solution to your problem. I would recommend the following steps.
1. Check the configuration of modem.
2. Check the OS for errors.
3. Try to connect the line directly to the modem, i.e. dont use the splitter.
4. If none of the above work ,contact BSNL exchange JTO.

Anonymous said...

i have a desktop without wifi and a laptop with wifi how can i configure the router to be used for both

indra said...

thanks for the information hopefully can provide value to the many benefits

Jeet said...

I followed that. It worked. But what happened is System is using LAN as internet connection but not BSNL Broadband connection. Suggestions appreciated.

sabz said...

when ur net becomes always on mode it actually becomes a LAN connection

sabz said...

in always on mode u can simultaneously access net using wifi and LAN ports

sabz said...

wifi setings

go to
admin (user name and pass)
under wireless
Tick Clients Isolation
click save apply
under security
ssid: that name u typed should come here(select that)
Network Authentication WPA2-PSK
WPA Pre-Shared Key :(some word u need to remeber this one, may be for d first tym u connect ur lap)
WPA Group Rekey Interval: 0
WPA Encryption: TKIP
WEP Encryption: disabled

under advanced

Band: 2.4ghz
Auto Channel Timer(min) :0
54g™ Rate: auto
Multicast Rate: auto
Basic Rate: default
Fragmentation Threshold:
RTS Threshold:
DTIM Interval:
Beacon Interval:
Global Max Clients:
XPress™ Technology:disabled
54g™ Mode: 54g auto
54g™ Protection:auto
Preamble Type: long
Transmit Power: 20% must be enough

MAC FILTER:(disabled)
if u choose allowed u need to add ur laptops mac adress to it so that ur wifi will be acced to ur laptops only not other external wifi devices (laps and mobiles) . u need to add them externaly if u wish to acces other devices disabled mode will be much more easier

sabz said...

for checking ur always on mode connection settings do the following

settings are made same as told above but make changes here as:
just leave these as BLANK

PPP Username: just leave blank
PPP Password: just leave blank
PPPoE Service Name: just leave blank

save and reboot
after dsl is steady try to dial if it gets connectd then ur settings are right

now type ur bsnl pass and user here

PPP Username: username
PPP Password: password
PPPoE Service Name: Bsnl bb


wait for 3 mins(2 min for dsl and 1 min for self dialing) ur internet led on ur modem should first blink(self dialing) then green light on
ur pc is ready to browse on always on mode

Anonymous said...

i apply these settings ...but one problem in laptop or phone some site is open some are not...plese help me...

Unknown said...

I tried the above steps, the basic problem that I am facing is the moment I configure it for Always On, I am not able to access Internet using desktop or laptop though the Internet indicator of modem is ON. Please suggest what steps should I take next.

d143uok said...

Hi All
i'm using UTStarcom WA3002G4(Type IV) modem. i have tried to open the back scoket's but failed to open ethernet port's or back sockets. they are saying test failed. please help me out how to open id ""


Unknown said...

I tried everything as per your steps as you mentioned.

but I did not get success.

what can i do ?
can you share your number so that i can contact you


Unknown said...

Omkar here again,
Is there any option with Single user / multiple user with BSNL.
My plan is 250/- 2 MBPS, 1 gb download.

TONY said...

hello everybody i want to know the full detail of DATA ONE BROADBAND WA3002G4 is that is good??????plz reply....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed procedure. I got it working in the first attempt!

Anonymous said...


I read the earlier comments.I have a similar problem as shiny.If i disable NAT and firewall,i get my wi-fi.But there is no internet connection or modem automatically restart

sundaram said...

I having BSNL BB with UTSTARcom
model VA3003-g1 I have changed my from 2mbs to 4mbs. But still running on 2mbps only Thespeed test show 2mbps. How to get 4mbps speed


Anonymous said...

In my modem, i have used bridge, instead of PPPoE, in WAN settings. But when i am trying to connect to wi-fi thru a mobile or tablet, the modem is being detected, my ssid name is recognised. When i give the password, it shows Acquiring ip address.............. nothing more
I can't access the net

Please Help

Anonymous said...

Why I can't able to disable the Firewall? If I disable and restart, It enables automatically. How to disable it?


I have changed and forgotten the modem user id and PW of my WA3002G4. Pl recommend what to do?

manoharan said...

Thank you. The UBR without CBR tip solved my problems and the service is faster now. But have to select auto IP and DNS in both PC and modem

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