New cobbler in town!!!



Came across a dog sitting on a street cobbler’s mat. Dint know whether it owned the establishment or in charge of security.

What do you feel?

Please comment.

Camera: SE C510.

Location: 13th cross, Margarosa Road, Malleshwaram.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

u should have checked if it accepts payments in cash/card or dog biscuits

Sudath said...

looks sad.. guess it want to go home early after the shift..

Manoj said...

@ Shrinidhi
oh...:( Will ask it next time without fail!!

I guess it was having its afternoon nap. Woke up due to my activities and posed for me. :)

Niranjan Patil said...

What ever it is, he certainly doesn't seem to like someone taking his picture. You should have checked with him first.

Manoj said...

No, I asked for the grumpy look.

kiran said...

Cobbler is busy in the main branch..guess this shwaana is the owner of this subordinate could ve given yo woodland shoe to ll make a nice niche out of it and give you well ventilated flaton from it:-p

Manoj said...

machcha...woodland free service. monne ashte buckle hakskonde. :)

Sindhu Keshavamurthy said...

This pic is so funny!! :D

Manoj Bhat said...

Thank you :)


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