Configuring WA3002G4 for wireless access.

After setting your modem for “Always on” (PPPoE) mode, you may wish to access internet wirelessly through your laptops. This post will help you in this regard.

You can view my previous blog post regarding how to configure WA3002G4 for internet access using PPPoE mode here.

1. Open your browser, preferable IE and type in the address bar to access your modem. Type the username and password both as admin, and continue to the Device Info page.

Note: If you have configured your modem properly, you will be assigned a Default Gateway.

2. Next click on the Wireless option in the left panel. Here you can encounter 2 cases.

Case 1: Wireless may have been enabled in your modem.

You will get the following window:

image 1

Another check you could make is whether the the light under the WLAN text in your modem is on. If both are happening, then the wireless in your modem is on. Set all the fields as in the image. You can move on to the next step.

Case 2: Wireless is disabled in your modem.

Your browser will show the following window.

image 2

The WLAN light in the modem will be off. In this case you just check the Enable Wireless option. Click on Save/Apply and wait for the page to reload and you will get a page as in Case 1. The WLAN light will turn on. Set the fields to as in the image. Proceed to Step 3.

3. We need to secure our wireless connection, so that no one else uses it. You can have higher security, about which I am not discussing here. I will only mention about the basic security measure.

Click on Security, below Wireless in the left panel.


Now select Enabled in the WEP Encryption drop down menu. You will get the following window.


Now choose your Encryption Strength as you wish, either 64-bit or 128-bit. Choose Network Key as 1. Enter the Network Key in the Network Key 1 box. The number of characters are predefined according to the strength. Please note the rules in the bottom of the screen and type the exact no. of characters. Next click Save/Apply.

4. You will get the following page. I have considered the Network Key as xxxxx. Your browser will display the Network Key you typed previously.


Now you can close your browser.

5. Turn on wireless in your laptop/PC.

You will notice the wireless icon in your taskbar. Right click on it to and select View Wireless Connections. Then you will see the DSL wireless service provider with name UTSTarcom. Just click on that and type in Network Key what you have given before then just click Connect. You would have established wireless network connection with your router. I cannot provide an image for this step due to hardware issues.

Hope this method works fine. Better securities can be obtained by changing Network Authentication type.

Please post your queries.


BMTC and their whole stages theory.


BMTC has their own way of setting their fare, i.e. through stages. For example, a bus route is divided into number of stages and rates are fixed accordingly. The reason, I dedicated a post to it was the following experience I had.

Case 1:

Bus route used for travel: Vajra 195; route: Shivajinagar to Chandra Layout (via KBS,Vijaynagar).

I boarded the bus at KBS and bought a ticket to Chandra Layout. The conductor gave me a ticket of Rs. 15. The whole experience was nice(that being my first time in Vajra). The bus had automatic transmission, but still the driver couldn't drive properly. Lot of jerks were experienced by me. One good point though was he didn't have to stop  the buses at most stops, since everyone would consider Vajra something very costly and would wait for normal buses. This would make the journey faster, say by 5 minutes. Everything went on well, accomplished the desire of travelling in Vajra once. Being the owner of the student pass(another senseless idea), I wouldn’t find travelling in Vajra economical.

Case 2:

Bus route used for travel: Vajra 333T; route: Marathalli Bridge, BDA complex(Nagarbhavi) (via KBS,Vijaynagar, Chandra Layout)

Dismissing my economical ways of travelling in normal buses, I boarded the bus at KBS. This was a newly launched route at that time. So when I asked for the ticket, the conductor demands Rs. 18. I argued that the fare in Vajra 195 is Rs. 15. He says that the stage in 195 is Chandra Layout, whereas the stage in 333T is Nagarbhavi, so the difference. I say I travel the same distance, in the same route but pay different rates. Why is this so? He  says, that you have to ask BMTC. I pay him after scrutinizing a piece of paper, which had all the listings of different stages and different fares. So I concluded that you can travel a same route but pay different fares for them, in the same class of service, since your stages are not same.


I think the whole process is wrong. Above all BMTC fares are costly. I pay Rs. 5 for travelling 3 km here. Whereas in my hometown, where private buses are mode of transport I also pay Rs. 5. So what is the use of Govt. transport. Also, I may get a concession in my hometown if I travel in the same bus daily, which would amount to Rs. 3, making it cheaper. Of course, passes are provided by BMTC. They are also costly. A daily pass cost Rs. 32. 32 is costly and senseless pricing. The conductor and the passenger fight for Rs. 2 change. BMTC need a complete revamp on their pricing. This is what I feel. But I guess they are busy introducing new buses, new models of buses in the same old routes.

How to make people vote???Maharashtra has the answer.


This article is influenced by the following piece of news, I read in TOI(Bangalore) edition. Click here to read the article. The Election Commission had recommended a total shutdown of Maharashtra on Oct.13(day of polling), so that people wouldn't have anything better to do and would come and vote. Maharashtra Govt. acted on this idea and has implemented a total shutdown on Oct. 13. All shops, malls, multiplexes, offices, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, theatres and industrial establishments will be closed on the day and only essential services will be available for use.

I found this whole exercise a very good one, though it may not lead public thronging to the booths, it may influence a sizeable amount of voters to come and vote, since they wouldn't have anything better to do. This will help all the owners of the commercial establishments to easily access their right to vote. Of course, a day of closure may lead to huge losses, but our country has come to a state, where people have to be coerced to cast a vote, even though it being one of their rights. If this idea can change Maharashtra’s poor performance in polls(voting percentage), we would have a Govt. which will be elected by nearly 70-75% of the people. Even though the Govt. may contain the same useless ministers, it would mean that 70-75% people consider them less useless then the others. This is better than 40-45% of the total population, considering a selected few(politicians) as useful.

The Election Commission must come up with such new ideas, for better polls in India. This method may or may not improve the political situation of the country, but will surely make a larger percentage responsible for it.

What are your views on this? Please Comment.

Note: 1. People of Maharashtra, please GO AND VOTE.

         2. Blog post written by Windows Live Writer. Its starting to look better and better(though with some minor issues).   

Writing a post using Windows Live Writer

Due to my high levels of laziness, this blog was almost like a ruin. The templates where not in proper condition and a lot of other things. I got a sudden interest in reviving it. So put up a new template, even had many blog posts half way and saved in drafts(though they dint materialize). Finally I thank Microsoft for providing me with Windows Live Writer. When I started Windows Live Writer, I was happy to see a software which lets you do almost everything on your blog. I guess, these offerings from Microsoft are to compete with Google to regain the online market. The tool looks good. I hope to review it in full in the near future. Look forward for it. Those who are interested in it, download it using Microsoft Update, or directly from Microsoft web site.

Have you used it? Please comment.

Configuring BSNL DataOne Broadband for UTStarcom WA3002G4(Type IV) modem.

The Type IV modem of Dataone consists of 4 LAN ports and and a Wi-Fi router. This guide will help you to configure the modem for using DataOne Broadband in PPPoE mode, so that you dont have to wait for the lazy BSNL fellows. The guide uses Windows XP as the OS and IE (v8 RC1) as browser.

Configuring in PPPoE Mode(Always On):
This is the mode set by BSNL fellows. If u configure BSNL modem in this mode, you can access Broadband in always on mode, i.e you can just on modem and start using internet.
1.After connecting the modem to the computer using the LAN cable, power on the modem and open Network Connections from Control Panel.

2.Right click on the icon named Local Area Connection, select properties. Select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click on properties.

3.In the Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) Properties dialog box enter the following values, after you make sure that you have selected the radio buttons, Use the following IP address and Use the following DNS server addresses.
IP Address : 192.168.1.x(where x =2 to 255)
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

4. Now click OK twice to close both the dialog boxes.

5. Now open your browser(preferably IE since all the BSNL sites are designed to suite IE).
Type in the address bar. You will be navigated to the screen below:

Enter username and password both as admin.

6.Navigate to Advanced Setup->WAN by selecting from the left margin.
Your screen should be like this.

7. Click Edit on the service pppoe-0_35_1.
If you dont have the above service in the above list, click on Add below.

8. Next you will be getting a series of windows, described below(irrespective of whether you click add or edit). Click on next after each step to reach the next one.

i) ATM PVC Configuration.
Enter the following values: VPI = 0, VCI=35 and uncheck Enable VLAN Tagging also the Service Category: UBR Without PCR.

ii)Connection Type
Select PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE), and Encapsulation Mode as LLC/SNAP- BRIDGING.

iii) PPP Username and Password
Enter the following details:
PPP Username: username provided by BSNL.
PPP Password: password provided by BSNL
PPPoE Service Name: DataOne
Authentication Mode: Auto

Uncheck all the check boxes except the last one(Bridge PPPoE Frames between WAN and Local Ports).

iv) Network Address Translation Settings
Uncheck Enable NAT, Enable Firewall, Enable IGMP Multicast, and check Enable WAN Service.
Service Name: pppoe_0_35_1

v) WAN Setup - Summary
You will finally get the following page:

Click on Save.

9. You will return to the WAN Setup page.

Click on Save/Reebot and wait till the modem reboots and displays the Device Info->Summary page.

10. Restart the browser and start browsing the net.

Please pour in your queries as comments.

Five good movies I watced recently.

1. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
This animated movie is the sequel to the movie Madagascar which was released in 2005. The movie even though being a sequel is better than its prequel. The animation has improved a better story, more penguin action and a very good soundtrack. DreamWorks Studios are fast conquering the animation market with their movies.

Rating: 4/5

This movie being inspired from the Hollywood flick, The Bucket List, made a good watch even though it lacked a star cast. Vinay Pathak is the lead actor and also produces a movie for the first time. The movie has a good script, excellent acting by Vinay Pathak. The movie is Vinay all the way. Music by Kailash Kher satisfies your ears(songs Alvida and Mumma are good ones). Low budget movies ruling Bollywood nowadays.

Rating: 4/5

3. Shoot On Sight
Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, as the main characters the movie is a good watch. Shoot On Sight is a story based on Operation Kratos, the police "shoot-to-kill" policy applied to suspected suicide-bombers after the 7 July 2005 London bombings. The story and acting are the winners here. Naseeruddin Shah and Gulshan Grover steal the show with their
excellent acting. A better script would have made it a better watch.

Rating: 3/5

4. The Last Lear
Directed by Rituparno Ghosh with Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta, Shefali Shah and Jisshu Sengupta as the star cast the movie is a must watch for film buffs who like this genre of movies. The script is based on Utpal Dutt's play Aajker Shahjahan. Amitabh Bachchan has done a wonderful job in the movie. Other actors also chip in with good acting. The chemistry between Arjun Rampal and Big B is good.

Rating: 3.75/5

5. Slumdog Millionaire
Dany Boyle has just potrayed the real India in most simple manner. The star cast has lot of names since 9 actors have acted for 3 roles in different parts of the movie. The movie has some exceptional acting by the child actors. Music by ARR is good(Have listened to better ones from the Maestro). The movie is a bit of overhyped according to me. Its basically a Bollywood masala packed in a Hollywood cover.


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