Configuring WA3002G4 for wireless access.

After setting your modem for “Always on” (PPPoE) mode, you may wish to access internet wirelessly through your laptops. This post will help you in this regard.

You can view my previous blog post regarding how to configure WA3002G4 for internet access using PPPoE mode here.

1. Open your browser, preferable IE and type in the address bar to access your modem. Type the username and password both as admin, and continue to the Device Info page.

Note: If you have configured your modem properly, you will be assigned a Default Gateway.

2. Next click on the Wireless option in the left panel. Here you can encounter 2 cases.

Case 1: Wireless may have been enabled in your modem.

You will get the following window:

image 1

Another check you could make is whether the the light under the WLAN text in your modem is on. If both are happening, then the wireless in your modem is on. Set all the fields as in the image. You can move on to the next step.

Case 2: Wireless is disabled in your modem.

Your browser will show the following window.

image 2

The WLAN light in the modem will be off. In this case you just check the Enable Wireless option. Click on Save/Apply and wait for the page to reload and you will get a page as in Case 1. The WLAN light will turn on. Set the fields to as in the image. Proceed to Step 3.

3. We need to secure our wireless connection, so that no one else uses it. You can have higher security, about which I am not discussing here. I will only mention about the basic security measure.

Click on Security, below Wireless in the left panel.


Now select Enabled in the WEP Encryption drop down menu. You will get the following window.


Now choose your Encryption Strength as you wish, either 64-bit or 128-bit. Choose Network Key as 1. Enter the Network Key in the Network Key 1 box. The number of characters are predefined according to the strength. Please note the rules in the bottom of the screen and type the exact no. of characters. Next click Save/Apply.

4. You will get the following page. I have considered the Network Key as xxxxx. Your browser will display the Network Key you typed previously.


Now you can close your browser.

5. Turn on wireless in your laptop/PC.

You will notice the wireless icon in your taskbar. Right click on it to and select View Wireless Connections. Then you will see the DSL wireless service provider with name UTSTarcom. Just click on that and type in Network Key what you have given before then just click Connect. You would have established wireless network connection with your router. I cannot provide an image for this step due to hardware issues.

Hope this method works fine. Better securities can be obtained by changing Network Authentication type.

Please post your queries.



Anonymous said...

I found this site using [url=][/url] And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

Sorry for offtopic

Manoj said...

@^ Thanks a lot.
Never mind about the offtopic.

Anonymous said...

How to get Network Key? In my page, it is left blank.

Manoj said...

You choose your own key. Its like a password.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Manoj said...

Thanks for you comments. Ill try to keep this area updated. Keep visiting. :)

Mohammed said...

Information u have provided was very helpful. but i am facing a issue hope you will be able to resolve.i have configured the modem settings as mentioned and it says connected but when i try to access the internet it is not working.i mean requested page is not working as expected. would of great help if you can resolve this issue.


unable to connect to page


cannot connect to page

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I have ITI modem . Got a new BSNl BB line , the DSL LED always keeps blinking . Even if I remove the DSL line from the Modem.

And through the browser is shows ' ADSL Link Down' I spoke to the JTO , he told thigns are ok at their end.
please help

Anonymous said...

i have same modem the big issue is if i enable ppp mode then i can internet on my cell fone thru wifi but i enable bridge mode i cant access internet even though my cell fone is connected to same modem please help me

Anonymous said...

i was able to configure utstarcom for my hcl me u1 tab.the wifi connects with excellent strength but when i attempt to open the browser the following shows on the screen ; 'type 3 error - kindly verify domain name'
kindly help

Anonymous said...

hello... i have utstarcom modem.. i am not able to connect it to my cell phone thru wifi... my fone detects it with xcellent strenght but it jus keep saying obtaining IP address n it never connects.... plzz help me out.

Anonymous said...

no wireless in,there are only four options.device info,advanced setup,diagnostics,management in utstarcom wa3002g4 modem

Tapan said...

Many thanks for this wonderful post!

Jerry said...

In my modem, i have used bridge, instead of PPPoE, in WAN settings. But when i am trying to connect to wi-fi thru a mobile or tablet, the modem is being detected, my ssid name is recognised. When i give the password, it shows Acquiring ip address.............. nothing more
I can't access the net

Please Help

Shankar P R said...

hello Friends
For Jerry and Anonymous

log on to the router page and under MAC Filter ensure MAC Restrict Mode Radio button is set to "Disbaled".. you should be able to connect wifi device. Hope this helps.



Anonymous said...

Nice blog great information.

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