BMTC and their whole stages theory.


BMTC has their own way of setting their fare, i.e. through stages. For example, a bus route is divided into number of stages and rates are fixed accordingly. The reason, I dedicated a post to it was the following experience I had.

Case 1:

Bus route used for travel: Vajra 195; route: Shivajinagar to Chandra Layout (via KBS,Vijaynagar).

I boarded the bus at KBS and bought a ticket to Chandra Layout. The conductor gave me a ticket of Rs. 15. The whole experience was nice(that being my first time in Vajra). The bus had automatic transmission, but still the driver couldn't drive properly. Lot of jerks were experienced by me. One good point though was he didn't have to stop  the buses at most stops, since everyone would consider Vajra something very costly and would wait for normal buses. This would make the journey faster, say by 5 minutes. Everything went on well, accomplished the desire of travelling in Vajra once. Being the owner of the student pass(another senseless idea), I wouldn’t find travelling in Vajra economical.

Case 2:

Bus route used for travel: Vajra 333T; route: Marathalli Bridge, BDA complex(Nagarbhavi) (via KBS,Vijaynagar, Chandra Layout)

Dismissing my economical ways of travelling in normal buses, I boarded the bus at KBS. This was a newly launched route at that time. So when I asked for the ticket, the conductor demands Rs. 18. I argued that the fare in Vajra 195 is Rs. 15. He says that the stage in 195 is Chandra Layout, whereas the stage in 333T is Nagarbhavi, so the difference. I say I travel the same distance, in the same route but pay different rates. Why is this so? He  says, that you have to ask BMTC. I pay him after scrutinizing a piece of paper, which had all the listings of different stages and different fares. So I concluded that you can travel a same route but pay different fares for them, in the same class of service, since your stages are not same.


I think the whole process is wrong. Above all BMTC fares are costly. I pay Rs. 5 for travelling 3 km here. Whereas in my hometown, where private buses are mode of transport I also pay Rs. 5. So what is the use of Govt. transport. Also, I may get a concession in my hometown if I travel in the same bus daily, which would amount to Rs. 3, making it cheaper. Of course, passes are provided by BMTC. They are also costly. A daily pass cost Rs. 32. 32 is costly and senseless pricing. The conductor and the passenger fight for Rs. 2 change. BMTC need a complete revamp on their pricing. This is what I feel. But I guess they are busy introducing new buses, new models of buses in the same old routes.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I agree on need for better pricing system.

Daily pass I find it reasonable.

Sandesh said...

Daily passes were 30 just 3 months ago. 2 rs is just for the diesel hike. I find it reasonable.

If you head Mangalore/Kundapura, they price like anything. Most of your money gets lost in bus fares. I travelled from Kota to Kundapura (a mere 15 km) in express and they cost me 25 bucks. While another service (they've many private services, Durgamba, Sri Durgamba, HMT, etc) fared a bit low. They have variations among themselves. Its not uniform.

They've been blocking govt/corporation introducing government busesfor the common man's commute many a times. If it would have been for Govt buses, the price would have been uniform atleast...

I somehow feel BMTC is much better than these various private services...

Nandeesh said...

Daily pass pricing i agree with manoj we can give 35 or 40 bucks coz its worth it, instead of 32 which is inconvenience to both conductor n passenger as one cannot be sure of having the exact change every time

As far as BMTC stage theory is concerned its just plain crap nothing else........

Manoj said...

I am a person, who has always supported hikes, provided they are proper reasons given. Hope you remember there was a time when daily pass was Rs. 25. It was hiked to Rs. 30 due to diesel price hike. Now in the period between Rs. 30 & Rs. 32, lot of times fuel prices decreased. Why didn't BMTC decrease the price then?

Secondly, I am from Managalore/Kundapura area. The prices are high compared to the prices in Bangalore. I don't think there is any difference between prices of different buses. They provide good service(time management) and good buses(now with TV's and GPS(still in implementation). Of course they drive rashly, but everyone is rash in those areas, as far as I have observed.

I don't know how Kota- Kundapura cost Rs. 15. It should have been Rs.7.
Let me give you example: Chandra Layout-Vijaynagar: (2.6KM - Rs. 5)
Saligrama- Sasthan( 3.2km) - Rs. 5) [in between Kundapura - Udupi]
Which is costlier?

I don't think you can compare BMTC with them, except price I don't think they are different from BMTC in any other matter. Most of the cases they are better.
There is time management, better buses, and sensible seat reservation for ladies etc.
I still feel both private and BMTC bus drivers, both are rash in their own ways.

@ Nandeesh,
Ok, the bus pass would be a bit costly if it reached Rs. 40 I guess.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@ sandesh:
Latest ticket prices: Udupi to Kota: Rs 18, Kota to Kundapura Rs 10, Saligrama to Kundapura Rs 12, Kota to Kundapura in non-express bus (known locally as shuttle): Rs 9

Prices are uniform among operators.

One big disadvantage is that after 9pm it is very difficult to get a bus in Kundapura..

Lanabhat Lakshminarayana said...

Here I am in 2012 searching for the details about BMTC stages for developing a cheaper travel plan :) now the daily pass fare is 45 and once upon a time it was 32 :)

Anonymous said...


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